PhotographerDiana Hay
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is just a touch of me, and I never stop finding out Who I AM!


This is just a step in my shoes in 5 basic photographic stories in one life, that is me. I dedicate this piece to my mom who passed away before seeing me achieving my path, that is finding me.

About Photographer

I graduated with an AA degree from the New Mexico State University Alamogordo branch. The inspiration for my work comes from a deeply emotional but, pleasant setting growing up. My mother inspired me to think outside of the box we create and look at the world of emotion on the inside. I am not just a photographer. I am an artist in all styles of art, from performance theatre to acrylic painting, with all of it drawn to photography. I have served as a photographer with White Sands Film Festival from 2008-2009. I am currently a military spouse and mother of 2 wonderful children, grounded in the culture of the island of Guam where I continue to merge my photographic eye with the heart beat of the people to make a perfect fit.