twilight hill

CompanyBonnie Lammar Photography
PhotographerBonnie Lammar
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

THe image was taken in Briones Park, Martinez, California. It was twilight and I was struck by the landscape of the hill and the plants in the contrasting texture and design.. yet being of the same. I think we find ourselves in nature.


Sky, sun, isolation literally and figuratively. The image represents and speaks of being untouched or without external see, feel, think whatever one wants. Being in isolation and in nature conveys the nature and truth...or essence of oneself. Twilight Hill represents contrast and therefore distinction.

About Photographer

BIOGRAPHY My life began in Seaford, New York, a town on Long Island. After many moves following an earlier career path, my home has been in Marin County, California. I am currently an artist in residence at the Mendocino Art Center. As with many others, my interest in photography began at a very early age and has never wavered although my commitment did. The one possession I had as a child and used always was my little Brownie camera. During high school I signed up for the elective art class. In my late 20’s, I read about and was inspired by artists such as Michelangelo in the “Agony and the Ecstasy” describing in his story the process of finding statues inside marble he chooses; and Paul Gauguin in “The Moon and Sixpence” and his story of walking away from a successful banking career in his 40’s to pursue his passion in painting. These made a memorable impression upon me. Extemporaneously, over a 20 year period, I have experimented in different areas such as drawing, painting, interior design and landscape design seeking the best place for me to fit into. I experimented with and enjoyed using Polaroid film, Polaroid auto processing, and a Vivitar instant slide printer. I kept photography as a side interest. Little did I realize the answer was back at the beginning. My pursuit of photography and art was mainly on hiatus while I pursued careers first in advertising as an account executive and second in production as a make-up artist. During these years and jobs, my passion for photography lay primarily dormant but did not disappear. I still always had a camera with me. Actually, my photography interest lived close under the surface while working as a makeup artist with photographers and directors. I took a non-professional camera (my old Canon AE-1) with me when I traveled to locations for work such as New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Canada. But it was at a casual level that I shot interesting images. A few years ago, around 2005, I began pursuing photography with intensity, purpose and renewed passion. The seed finally sprouted. The realization was very clear that photography had been my passion all along. What followed was the purchase of a professional digital camera (Canon 5D and two L-series lenses), building my website, working on my personal library, finding expression and shooting continually. Landscapes... sky, water, sun, earth, trees ... and architectural lines are the main concentration of what I photograph. I am self-taught and prefer learning through experimentation and relying more on art and reference websites and books. I have been in a juried exhibition through ASMP/NY, received an honorable mention in the 2009 IPA contest, and a finalist in Photolucida Critical Mass 2012. Bonnie Lammar Photographer