Trinidad Carnival

PhotographerNadia Tyson
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Carnival Tuesday is when the awaited costume feting and parading happens. Carnival has been celebrated in Trinidad since the 19th century, when emancipated African slaves began rebelling and mimicking the masque balls of their French colonial landowners while also paying respect to African mythology and music. Today these African roots, the passion of the parade and convergence of people from all over the Caribbean continues to mirror the celebration and freedom they achieved.

About Photographer

I am a documentary photographer and photography teacher. I grew up in a number of places including Los Angeles, New York and Sweden before settling in Venice Beach, CA. While attending the University of California Santa Barbara, I worked as a photo editor for my school paper and traveled throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. In 2003 I studied at the University of Costa Rica where I collaborated with UN Consultant, Warren Crowther, to document several informative workshops held in low-income areas for UNICEF catalogues. Since then I have spent a total of two years globetrotting and freelancing for several newspapers. I have traveled to nearly 50 countries that range from Syria, Ghana, India and Cuba. I have an extreme interest in capturing humanity without commercializing my subjects. My photographs depict a variety of people with different cultures, customs and backgrounds across the globe combined with intense colors and fine art editing.