Climate Fury:Sundarban

PhotographerIsmail Ferdous
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDhaka, Bangladesh
Photo Date2011-2012
Entry Description

Shatkhira – deep inside the banks of the Sundarbans Forest (World's Largest mangrove),Bangladesh. It would be an understatement to say that the region concerned is going through a post-war phase. The Sundarbans was pounded by Cyclone Sidr,in 2007, and then again by Cyclone Aila, in 2009, consequent in over 35 hundred deaths and the vanishing of more than twice that many people. Over 20 feet of water dipped the region, rupturing the embankments that disjointed the rivers and lakes from the Bay of Bengal, which dramatically altered the ecosystem. This horrific misfortune has big impacts on people’s life as of today; the only prospect one can expect to witness in this area is the presence of never-ending miles of dead lands, robbed of their fertility. Some regions are always waterlogged with saline water. Water is everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

About Photographer

Ismail Ferdous was born in 1989 in Bangladesh, and he graduated in Business from East West University. Growing up in Bangladesh, he has experienced a lot of hardships. He sees it as a responsibility to express these adversities to the world. He started visiting places where people are deprived-listening to their stories, sometimes capturing them in his camera. He is merely a storyteller who tells the tales of people’s lives through his lens. Ismail won more than 15 national and international awards. He won Award of Excellence in Alexia Foundation-2012. He was featured as Young Portfolio Photographer (KMOPA, Japan) 2011 and 2012, WHO-World Aids Award 2011, National Save-Water Award (AU) 2011, People and Planet award 2012. Selected as one of the top artists in South-Asia by World Bank and more. His work was exhibited 25CPW New York, Power House Museum(AU), KELOWNA Art Gallery(CA), II Concurs Internacional de Fotografia Sant Just Desvern in Barcelona, POST Emaho Exhibiton in Singapore, Kiyosato museum of Photographic Art in Japan, UNICEF Exhibition permanently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; People & Planet exhibition in Victoria ,Australia; Humanizing Development Global Photography Campaign exhibition in New York, London, Bangkok and Johannesburg and several times in Drik Gallery, Shilpakola Gallery in Bangladesh. His Work published in different international magazines like New Yorker Magazine(US), Professional Photographer Magazine(UK), EMAHO and more.