PhotographerAimee Santos
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In an effort to connect with the viewer on a spiritual level I have created, by my own hand, a prayer kneeler. After showing the piece in a gallery installation, I am now bringing it into the real world to examine human interaction with a spiritual object.


I see the world today as full of people whom are asleep. To deal with this dilemma and my own evolutionary journey of spirituality i created a prayer kneeler out of Rosewood. When I showed this piece in a gallery people were respectful and engaging and knew the meaning of the piece. Now I am bringing it into the real world to see how strangers interact with it, or rather do not interact with it. In my eyes some of them are asleep and never even notice it.

About Photographer

Aimee earned a degree in Photojournalism from San Jose State University. She has worked for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, NHL Images, Interned for the San Jose Mercury News, San Antonio Express-News, Kansas City Star and more. After traveling across America and a stop at the Eddie Adams Workshop she realized photography could take her further than newspapers. She moved to Los Angeles and worked as a photo editor in the photo agency industry. She is now working towards her MFA in Photography in Northern California.