Vancouver Faces

PhotographerCindy Bekkedam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOttawa, Canada
Photo DateFall 2012
Entry Description

Vancouver's infamous Downtown Eastside is home to many addicts, outcasts and homeless people. It is also home to faces that tell years of riveting stories and struggles. Like all human beings, these people are a distinctive part of history and deserve to be cultivated, documented, as would any art form. These photographs are the resulting documents.

About Photographer

Born in Brockville, Canada in 1991, Cindy is a young, free spirited painter and photographer who goes wherever the wind blows. Since photography has recently piqued her curiosity she has enrolled at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Post graduation she hopes to embark on a new worldly adventure to study language, culture and art, all while documenting her encounters along the way.