After the sea - Evolution

PhotographerKuo-Chin Ni
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaoyuan Country, Taiwan
Photo Date2013 Apr.
Technical InfoIR camera with 850 nm light
Entry Description

According to Darwin's theory of Evolution , "Nature selects, the fittest survives" , it is possible that originally land-growing plants may adapt to be new sea-living species when the earth was flooded by water with continuous global warming. This series is to illustrate this point . Land-growning Taraxacum originally spread by wind evolve as rhapsody to move in the sea for living , just like fish. This work is also to remind people that there may be new species evolving to adapt to new sea-world. But what if NO successful evolution? It is worth to reflect on as citizens of the global village !

About Photographer

Born in 1983, Taiwan. A photographer shooting various pics everywhere. Also a winner of 2013 IPA 1st place and 2013 PX3 3rd place.