Where we live matters

PhotographerPhilippe Schneider
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDarra, Australia
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

We often perceive slums as dark dens of poverty, where criminals, juvenile delinquents, and squatters wander aimlessly amongst ramshackle, makeshift structures. “Where we live matters” is a project about a slum community living in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, in which 45 percent of the population lives in slum neighborhoods. In 2007 the world’s population was more urban than rural. Of this urban swell, one out three lives in a slum. The project aims to challenge the viewer perceptions of slum dwellers because irrespective of a person residence, as human we all have similar basic needs, hopes and fears.

About Photographer

Philippe Schneider was born in France in May, 1967. After dabbling in student activism whilst completing a Bachelor of Arts and Communication at university, Philippe found his calling as a Humanitarian Aid Worker. He has been exposed to the spectrum of human existence whilst working in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Darfur. Philippe believes that the commentary of human experience can ideally be shared through the medium of photography and strives to create work that informs the social conscience.