Mitre Peak Sunset

PhotographerBrett Stanley
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyBrett Stanley Photography
City/CountryWellington, New Zealand
Photo Date23rd October 2010
Technical InfoCanon 50D, 12-24mm
Entry Description

Mitre Peak in New Zealand's Milford Sound at Sunset.

About Photographer

An award winning, New Zealand based commercial photographer, Brett has been developing his style and techniques for over five years and cementing himself as a reliable and creative photographer. Brett’s passion is location work, combining the wonders of nature with the talents of the subject (whether professional or amateur). His view is that whilst the studio can provide a controlled and reliable environment, a location based shoot can surprise you with the most amazing special effects outside of the editing suite. The Australian born photographer says that living in New Zealand has given him the most amazing opportunities and he’s worked with some great clients in some of the best locations in the world. Currently spending his time between the USA and New Zealand, Brett is available for commercial, advertising, portrait or illustrative work worldwide.