Holi Festival today

CompanyRaffaele Tuzio
PhotographerRaffaele Tuzio
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Holi Festival, a traditional Hindu festival which celebrates the end of winter and the start of spring was made famous by the celebrated reports by the photographer S. McCurry who gave back the colourful and spectacular aspects as well as the mystic dimension to the festival. What remains of the holi festival in the major cities of India’s economic progress? Certainly the carnival and transgressive aspects peppered with dust and colours but in a more bourgeois, rock manner among incursions of motorbikes and modern balls reserved mainly for young people in the street. Jaipur, March 2013.

About Photographer

Raffaele Tuzio is a photographer based in Rome. He was born in Benevento and his passion for fotography began at the end of 70th years. In 1988 he went to Rome where he was involved occasionally in travel photography. During these years he travelled all around the world. In the 90th he started a collaboration with the italian tour operator “sentieri di nuove esperienze”, a company specialised in cultural tourism. Raffaele is consultant for tours planning and he directs a long term project to increase the company image.