Sunrise over the City of London

PhotographerJames Rider
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJames Rider Photography
City/CountryCholmeley Park, United Kingdom
Photo DateSeptember 2012
Technical InfoCanon 7D
Entry Description

Sunrise over the City of London, showing skyscrapers from Gherkin on left to newly constructed Shard on right, and St Paul's Cathedral beyond

About Photographer

James has been experimenting with photography for over a decade, but has become more serious in the last five years as his travels across the world have given him the opportunity to capture far flung landscapes and cultures. He has now chalked up over 50 countries from Iceland to India, New Zealand to Nepal and Singapore to the Seychelles. He has now come full circle and currently resides back in his home city of London. James' works covers a wide range of subjects, with a particular interest in cityscapes and landscapes. He shoots digital (primarily Canon 7D and Fuji X100) and works in standard format and increasingly with panoramas.