Entry Title: "The presence of the past, Cockatoo Island"
Name: Vin Rathod , Australia
Category and Expertise: Interior, Non-Professional

Entry Description: In 1992, the buildings of Cockatoo Island, the largest in Sydney Harbour, that housed hundreds of people, were abandoned and empty. Tall spaces that stored huge equipments, now in their absence, seem giant and monstrous. The place is frozen in silence. However, with its extremely active past, it has many stories to tell. Since 2007 Cockatoo Island has been carefully restores and has opened the doors to public to explore its stories and participate in creative collaborations. It has been inscribed as a UNESCO World heritage site since 2010. The photographs in this collection are portrayal of the precinct as it stands today.

About the Artist:

Vin Rathod is an architect and a photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Construction Project Management. He is an Emerging Member of Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and works in Sydney, Australia. For Vin, each photograph is a design; a design for the subject, be it an art, architecture, city, or a sculpture. He thrives on creativity and imagination and is always developing new ideas. A collection of Vin’s photographs are constantly evolving as seen on his website www.throughvinslens.com