Places to Hide

PhotographerWon Kim
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Human beings perceiving of enclosed spaces in urban areas as the womb which we feel a homing instinct from.


When I was a little boy, I used to like hiding in a quiet and isolated area. It could be under your desk, in the corner of your balcony, or inside a closet. Whenever I inhabited certain private space,it gave me a feeling of something safe and private. I believe that feeling was derived from a homing instinct which causes animals to go back to their primal territory. Unlike animals such as fish or birds, which have places to go some day; human beings, unfortunately, have no way of returning to their homing territory, the womb. I do believe human beings have an inherent longing for a place like a womb in that it once provided us with a comfortable, quiet, and safe place as well as nutrition when we were infants. For this series titled "Places to Hide," I intended to project this human desire for an enclosed place by placing naked bodies in those tiny spots, suggesting them as infants hiding inside the womb in urban areas.

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Fine art photographer