Marginal Lives

PhotographerMotonori Shimizu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

There are many villages aging and declining population in Japan. They are sometimes called "Marginal Village." I have started traveling some of them. As I visit them, I get more fascinated by the people living there. They accept everything around them, love their land, and live there strongly. ※Marginal Village is any village that has experienced depopulation and in danger of disappearing altogether, largely because more than half of the people living in the village are over the age of 65.

About Photographer

I’m a photographer based in Japan. Born in Japan in 1980. I graduated from economic department of university. While working in businessman, I started studying photography on my own since 2009. My first project ‘Unstoppbale’ was created 2012 and received a Bronze prize at PX3 and Honorable Mention at International Photography Awards. And the project was exhibited in Month Of Photography Los Angels 2013, Ballarat International Foto Biennale ’13 (Australia) and Photovisa-International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar (Russia). My second project ‘Marginal Lives’ is on going. It’s a photo essay series with a theme of very aging villages and depopulation in Japan.