Entry Title: "Sonata of the Immaculate Dreamer "
Name: John Kosmopoulos , Canada
Category and Expertise: Interior, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A progression of movements in a sonata depicting sensory dream experiences until the dreamer awakens from his creation with a gentle fall. The Calatrava masterpiece, Adam Lambert Galleria, Toronto.

About the Artist:

John Kosmopoulos is an internationally awarded and published photographer specializing in architecture, abstract, long exposure, and minimalist black and white fine art photography. His fine art photography has been featured in galleries and several national and international publications. John was voted one of the grand and prestigious photographers of 2013 (Source: 121Clicks.com). He is also a moderator and curator of the architecture group and exhibit at Stark Magazine and featured artist with the House of Ilford, Topaz Labs and Formatt Hitech. He espouses an "eclectic aesthethic fine art" philosophy and a psychology of photography that he refers to as "vision drawing (oramagraphy)". He has written several treatises on practical fine art photography and conducts workshops. He resides in the great city of Toronto where he balances his passion for the photographic arts and writing with his love of the behaviour sciences as a consultant and professor. Website: www.silverzenphotography.com