Trip to ZAMBIA. Tribute to LOVE!

PhotographerXiomara Bender
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Theses photographs where taken in Mfuwe/Zambia in a local school called Chiwawatala Day School on a day the Bush Dr. Cathy Love from Australia was giving vacination for tetanus, tablets for deworming and they where also screened for bilharzia. I was priviledged to take photos of these children and moments.


Fascinating landscapes, impressive wildlife, heartwarming people; this is Zambia. But Zambia is also a country with one of the highest incidences of HIV and infant mortality worldwide. Here we can find people like Dr. Cathy Love, an Australian from Victoria who is devoted to this country and its people and - despite the inevitable hardship - follows her calling as a doctor and works tirelessly to give the children in Mfuwe/Zambia new hope for some kind of future. It is a privilege to meet people like her, a modest unassuming heroine living and working in a blind spot of our otherwise omnipresent objective lenses. My privilege! I travelled to Zambia in March 2013 wrapped in professional curiosity, and returned with a demanding load of humility in my baggage. Back to an opulent, sated society where life is said to begin at 40, whereas in Zambia the statistics say it already ends at this age. Due to cost concerns Dr. Love has to use a serum which protects her child patients for just one year. In the so-called civilized world where our wealth is taken for granted our children obtain a serum with ten year duration without a passing thought.

About Photographer

About the Artist: Due to my fathers work I had the privilege to travel around the world from early ages on. Supposed to be born between a job in Brasil and Switzerland, i rather decided to become Swiss like my mum. Before my graduation at Woodstock School in India / Mussoorie in 2007 and after I have been travelling all over the world. What I believe in is that there is no better way of learning than by travelling and getting to know different people, cultures, habitats and manners to really be able to see the world from different angels and to differenciate from what we hear in the media. From history we know that history repeats and the key to freedom in any way is what Nelson Mandela always proclaimed: Forgiving instead of oblivion, forgiveness instead of hate. With this text and photographs I would be delighted to trigger of a discussion, one coming from unprejudiced interest instead of concluding judgement.