Cien Anos de Sandia

PhotographerEsau Rosales
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCanoga Park, United States
Photo Date2012
Entry Description

"Cien Anos de Sandia" translates literally to one hundred years of watermelon. More than anything the title is simply a play on words that references 2012 as New Mexico's Centennial, the Sandia Mountains (Albuquereque's backdrop), while paying tribute to Garcia Marquez's Cien Anos de Soledad. The photographs are from Albuquerque and are mostly taken along route 66. The perspective is almost that of a stranger that drops by every 100 years, just to check in.

About Photographer

Esau Rosales graduated from Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA in 2009 with a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Journalism. Based out of Los Angeles, Calif., Rosales works as a free lance photographer, videographer, and wood worker to fund street photography series and personal documentary projects. The driving idea in his photography is to observe the world through the point of view of a mere wanderer. By always being a stranger in his own hometown, Rosales converts time into a tangible object. The compression of sound, emotions, and movement in his photography deliver moments on the streets in which ordinary life glimmers for a second.