PhotographerAlexei Krasnikov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo DateSeptember 2012
About Photographer

Alexei Krasnikov is a fine-art photographer based in Moscow, Russia. His fascination with photography started in late 90s, when he bought his first SLR camera. For several years he photographed in different genres looking for his own style. In 2005 Alexei entered the ‘Professional photography‘ course in Moscow Academy of Photography. After graduation in 2006 he focused mainly on nature photography, looking at photography mainly as a medium to convey emotions and feelings, rather than a way of documenting the scene. In 2011 Alexei gave up all other professional activity to devote himself totally to developing as a fine-art photographer. Currently Alexei’s main interest lies in black and white photography. Lately he turned back to film from digital, considering film to be more challenging to handle with, at the same time being a much more interesting and natural process.