Sons of the Stars, Act II

PhotographerMario De Baro
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMADRID, Spain
Photo Date2012
Technical Info6x6 Toned black & white film
Entry Description

In the project Sons of the stars, the black colour of the cosmos is replaced by its opposite, the absolute white, that works in images as a metaphor of the void, and can venture into the almost mystical utterance of the knowledge process undertaken by each individual with himself and with regard to the World around him. From this standpoint, each gesture is both a sign of each individual’s epic life and an echo of the fear and laceration which como together with the construction of the ego.

About Photographer

Mario De Baro (1987), born in Madrid, earns his living by designing and making audiovisual presentations for acknowledged Spanish photographers. His personal work is a reflection on the human being, related to the cosmos that witnessed his creation. Philosophies are synthesised in his personal projects that we could associate with such diverse movements as neoclassicism and romanticism. On the one hand, there are signs of the search for an ideal and harmonious beauty associated with the former; on the other hand, his photographs contain the passion, the irrational, the darkness and the imaginary, linked to romantic notions. In this sense, his landscapes affirm the supremacy of the natural order above the will of man, a concept that is reflected in his work process. When the author takes a shot, he is completely conditioned by nature, the spontaneous expression of that magical moment when all the celestial bodies align to offer a perfect stage. There are traces and intuitions of ancient beliefs that acquire a new visual interpretation and remind us of the interconnection between the cosmos and the human being. The implicit presence of man is also presupposed in the practice of the photographic technique itself: we know that the author has been there, suffering that latent elusive sensation in his images.