24mm Parabellum

PhotographerChristophe Debon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryParis, France
Photo Date2012-2013
Entry Description

When someone or something captures my attention, I take the shot, without even thinking about it. No careful consideration of framing or composition. It’s pure instinct. I like to see the improbable emerge from humdrum daily life and grab hold of me. Just like I might grab an unsuspecting crab, and look it in the eyes and wonder what it’s thinking. "What a bizarre creature," is what the crab is thinking… It’s all about point of view. I approach things from a broad point of view, a wide angle. The 24mm lens forces a true encounter with my subject. This is no longer observation, or the voyeurism of a distant photographer, but a quasi-terroristic approach. A holdup! “Is that what you’re like? Just there, yes, and…it’s a wrap.” Now you’ll be a part of my cabinet of curiosities.

About Photographer

Born in 1970 in Paris, France. Living in France. I don’t claim the status of a photographer, I just take the pictures. When a subject catches my attention there’s no time for analysis or composition. My work is instinctual. An image, a retinal memory, I wish to reveal the strange land that surrounds us and let myself be overwhelmed. To reveal by a dreamlike vision, moods of the ordinary lonely people. To observe the extravagant and grotesque, to navigate between reality and imagination, dream and banality, souvenir and present.