Africa's Hope

PhotographerStefan Kuehn
PrizeHonorable Mention

Development cooperation is nowadays much more important to support Third World countries than just development aid. It is a long way to go but investing in future generations is considered to be the most promising way to get things changed. Most young people in Ghana are unfortunate. Their families, if they have any, have often not enough money for everyday life, not to mention sending their kids to school or to afford payment for an apprenticeship. Thus the circle of non-education and poverty can’t be broken. If you are an apprentice in Africa, you have to pay your instructor for your apprenticeship. That includes any tools you might need such as wrenches or sewing machines. Expenses, that most people can’t afford. Those young people have been lucky. A group of people in Switzerland is not paying for their living but much more important, investing in their future. The circle contracted instructors in various professions and paid the monthly apprenticeship fee and all tools that are needed by the apprentice. Now, a lot of young boys and girls are able to learn a profession, which will enable them, to support themselves and their families and break the circle of poverty. Their income will allow them to send their kids to school and in the future they will not depend on sponsors anymore, but will be able to earn a living on their own, which gives them all the self esteem that comes along with independence.

About Photographer

Even as a child I loved playing around with all types of cameras. A passion emerged from a dark room in a cellar. Since then I have specialised in fine art, people, wild life and nature photography. Even though I focus predominantly on the photography of fine art and people, I have already been fortunate enough to carry out various projects in Africa and Asia for the benefit of aid and animal protection organisations.