PhotographerLisa Sorgini
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

'An Isolated Object' was captured over a period of two months travelling throughout Europe. Each image aims to present the pronounced discrepancy between the empty and at times aimless veneer of global tourism and the rich cultural and historical memory to be found hidden within the surrounding environment. When viewed as a series, these isolated objects, detached from their context, reveal fragments of a history left behind by its inhabitants,suggesting that the landscape we move within is more than the sum of its physical and or tangible parts.

About Photographer

Lisa Sorgini is an Australian born photographer currently living in Sydney. Her work resembles an ongoing dialogue with narrative and documentary style photography. She combines her quiet and unique observations both in nature and the man made environment alongside an endless fascination with the contingent beauty of unrehearsed moments. Her work has been featured in numerous Australian and international photography publications both in print and online and her prints have been purchased for private collections both in Australia and overseas.