Entry Title: "Las Vegas Morning"
Name: Brian T. Scott , United States
Category and Expertise: Other_FA|Culture, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A businessman walking to work in the early morning in Las Vegas.

About the Artist:

Brian T. Scott is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer, actor, composer and multi-instrumentalist who was raised in Central Vermont, USA. Since becoming obsessed with cameras and photography while standing in a shopping mall in Arizona in 2008, Brian has travelled and photographed in the Ukraine, Cuba, India, Germany, the U.K., Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Canada and much of the United States. He has exhibited work at the Sloan gallery in NYC, The Darkroom gallery in Vermont and was a silver award winner in the PX3 photo competition in Paris in 2011. He works as a performer, director, writer and photographer for the off- broadway performance group, "Blue Man Group" in New York.