boys -living with a thread-

PhotographerHiroshi Okamoto
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo DateAug 2012
Entry Description

Addis ababa, Ethiopian capital city in eastern africa. Asko, which is located in out skirt of the Addis. People who are typical traditional weavers are living here nowadays. they are historically working with this professional job for producing traditional and daily cloths in Ethiopia from long time ago. However they had been discriminated in Ethiopian society beacuse of their occupational skills from old age. In this industry mostly young boys are working as weavers. Most of them lost their parents or family. They usually became a weaver to survive by myself or to feed their family.

About Photographer

Hiroshi was born in 1990 in Tokyo. Hiroshi didn’t go school for 2years when he was a junior high school students because of school bullying and his mental problems. Hiroshi was working as a NGO staff for 1year in several African counties like Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, DRCongo in 2011. Hiroshi graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University with a degree in Social Science and International Relations in 2014. After graduating, Hiroshi was working as an video creater and editor at a video production in Japan. Then also he started his career as a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Hiroshi is mostly focusing on about Central and Eastern African countries like Rwanda,Ethiopia,Drcongo and Japan.