March for Childbirth Humanization in Rio de Janeiro

PhotographerArza Rose Sreinmetz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySão Paulo, Brazil
Photo Date7.2013
Entry Description

In Brazil, the world record holder of cesarean births, there are women that choose birth at home or bring midwives and doulas to hospitals, to avoid cesarean. In July 2012 in Rio de Janeiro the obstetricians were banned from home births and doulas and midwives –from hospital births. Women went to streets to protest. Breastfeeding is not encouraged enough, since multinational companies in Brazil heavily market artificial milk. In the end of March for the Childbirth Humanization, women sat down to breastfeed their babies and toddlers, to show that it is a natural act just like birth.

About Photographer

I´ve always liked to photograph and 2 years ago took to photography in a more profound way, taking workshops and mainly self learning from books, internet and, of course ,practice. ( Adopting Martin Parr´s words:) With photography, I like to create a fiction out of reality.