Ashura Mud Men (1)

PhotographerGuido Dingemans
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDe Eindredactie
City/CountryTilburg, Netherlands
Photo Date25 november 2012
Technical Info1/800s, f/3.5, ISO 400
Entry Description

Iranian muslim men in trance, covered in mud, mourning during the Day of Ashura. Location: Bijar, Iran.

About Photographer

Guido Dingemans (1976) has been travelling the planet on a shoestring since 1997 as a freelance photographer, writer, journalist, translator, editor and philosopher. While his journeys include Europe, South-America and Africa, he feels most at home in the Middle-East, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. His favourite destinations include Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan and Nepal. As a photographer, Guido focuses almost exclusively on his fellow human beings, their fascinating daily routines and rituals, their surroundings and their hopes, beliefs and dreams. His work has been exhibited in Australia and the US. His images are represented by Getty Images and Tandem Stills+Motion. Guido holds degrees in both journalism and philosophy. However, it's the wonderful, generous people he's met on the road that have mostly shaped his current vision of life and mankind. By creating meaningful images that show both the diversity of cultures and the intrinsic similarities in human nature, he hopes to spread a positive message of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding. When not on the road, Guido lives in either Tilburg, The Netherlands, or with his in-laws in Gaziantep, Turkey. He is available for editorial and commercial assignments anywhere in the world. Including the places you wouldn't send anybody else.