Entry Title: "The Mysterious Transformation"
Name: Ralph Fierz , Switzerland
Category and Expertise: Collage, Non-Professional

Entry Description: The essence of man is transformed by the environment to the chameleon. It adapts more and more and the collective increasingly dominates him. Whether it is aware for him through the course of time, to find the meaning of animal life and the relationship with nature?

About the Artist:

Ralph Edward Fierz Photography and Fine Art has been my passion for many decades. I photographed with visual and creative approaches, from pure fine art, composing to conceptual photography. In the last couple of years, I have specialized on selected topics to my photo projects. I travel to selected countries and places. My art projects are based on stories, myths and also special themes and personal experiences. The picture contents are based on the fundamental questions of life and nature. Abroad I participate in international competitions and am at international exhibitions. I have won various international prizes.