Entry Title: "Still"
Name: Jens Ceder , Sweden
Category and Expertise: Landscape|Trees, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Here I have used an infrared camera to photograph trees along the coastline during foggy conditions to isolate, and to create a still mood in the images.

About the Artist:

(I used Google translate for my bio, more fun that way!). >> Born Jens rice in the capital of Sweden in 1970. He was studying in Australia, the University of Lund, Sweden, and he came out to get his doctorate. During the past few years of his life early on, the east coast of North America to form a love for travel and the sea all over the world, and probably lived with his parents in France, in Antibes, and said he was. The film is slow, there was a dark rainforests and temperate, from the state of Tasmania was inspired by the experiences of shooting in prolonged exposure to it in black and white pictures of that later. For me, there must be, is the image of a very personal level, I, I can image to create an atmosphere of participation, that this process has begun on the viewer between the still image I want to stretch out. Then I've been successful. >>>Original text: Jens Ceder was born in the capital of Sweden in 1970. He has studied in Australia, and at Lund University, Sweden, where he earned his PhD. During his early years, he lived with his parents in Antibes, France, and on the east coast of north America, perhaps shaping his love for the sea and travel around the world. It was slow film and the dark temperate rainforests of Tasmania that inspired him to experiment in long exposure photography, and later on B&W photography. ”For me, photography is on a very personal level, and has to be, yet I want to reach out in the sense that I hope my images can create an atmosphere of engagement, that a process is started between the image and the viewer. Then I have succeeded”.