Entry Title: "Little Buddha"
Name: Rudolf Thalhammer , Austria
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story|Other_ED|Children|Culture|Other_P|Portrait_P|Travel/Tourism, Non-Professional

Entry Description: In Burma like in most Asian countries red monk robes are part of everyday life. For the majority of boys it is part of tradition to enter the monastery for a short time as a novice monk. Whether only for a few months or a life time small kids love to romp around and play tricks regardless of their religious commitments.

About the Artist:

Dr. Rudolf Thalhammer studied medicine at the Vienna University. One of his passions was always photography. "Le moment décisif - “the right moment” is not only important for my profession as a doctor but also for photography in order to capture THE magical moment in a fraction of a second," says the award-winning aficionado. If you want to see more of his photographic work check out his website www.rudolfthalhammer.com