Passing shadows

PhotographerArkadiusz Kubisiak
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Radom is a city in central Poland with population of ca. 220.000 inhabitants. It is located 100 km south of Warsaw capitol of the country. The city was established in 14th century and received its town rights in 1364 from King Kazimierz Wielki. The oldest, historical part of the city is largely demolished. Many 19th century fine architecture burgher houses are replaced by ruthless real estate developers in to senseless buildings. What a pity and harm for this place. It affects individuals as well as whole community and memory of the place. Many people are moved to another locations. May story is about the last moment before unique part of the city will vanish. Are there any winners in this battle, I wonder?


Passing shadows. The City of Radom, Poland. Radom’s old town will soon change its appearance while people who live there will soon be gone. History of this place goes back to the XIV century. Today it is known as Radom, a city in central Poland. In 1350 King Casimir the Great within his policy of strengthening cities established here the so-called New Radom. I came here two years ago for the first time. I saw scenes and people who seemed to give the impression as if they woke up just after the 2nd World War. They performed maintenance of buildings at their own expense, support crumbling walls with timber and provided for themselves with difficulty. At that time, I took several dozen pictures. Black and white photography has strengthen that feeling and ambiance. Perhaps I was not aware at that time that I had to talk about that place in the language of photography. From that point on, these pictures frequently appeared in my mind. Several months later I came back to see what lies behind this recurring force. The city and architectural planning of Radom’s old town retained its unique unchanged form. This is only one of a few places in Poland with still existing medieval arrangements. Until the present day one might find protective walls of a an old settlement from the dim and distant past. Walking through the streets one can literally hear the reverberating echo of history. Right now I am in the XVII century, a moment later in the middle ages and finally, right after the 2nd world war. This place has multiple layers of history which can be felt at every step. This is what I would like to show through this project. Many historical XVIII and XIX century tenement houses are being demolished and their place is taken by nonsensical new buildings. These tenement houses, constructed by old masters of architecture, led to ruin due to years of neglect, will disappear forever. Many people related to this place from birth are moved somewhere else. I wonder, if they will find their place among the hurrying citizens of Radom in a modern town full of shopping malls.

About Photographer

Arkadiusz Kubisiak – CV EDUCATION 2013 Transmission pour I'Image workshop, Perpignan, France, Workshop with Kent Kobersteen and Tomasz Tomaszewski, Konstancin Jeziorna, PL 2011 Creative and Expression Photography, The European Academy of Photography, Warsaw, PL under Izabela Jaroszewska, Ph.D. 2009 The European Academy of Photography, Warsaw, PL 2005 The Academy of Photography, Warsaw, PL SELECTED EXHBITIONS 2014 Passing Shadows, NEY Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2013 Passing Shadows, NG Contest Group Exhibition, Rzeszów, Warsaw, Kielce, PL Teofil, The Art of Photography Show, San Diego, US Group Exhibition, 2011 Portraits, EAF Gallery, Warsaw Festival for the Photographic Arts, group show, Warsaw,PL SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 2011 Teofil and other Fables, Landscape Stories, The Colour of Memory, 03/2011 AWARDS 2014 2 nd place on BZ WBK Press Foto for Passing Shadows and Airport, Warsaw, Poland, 2013 Grand Prix in IX National Geographic Photography Contest, Poland, 2013 1st place in category reportage for Passing Shadows in IX National Geographic Photograph Contest, Poand, 2012 Final selection round for the Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Netherlands 2012 Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards annual competition for The Colors of Winter series in fine art landscape category, US,