PhotographerOscar Antolín
Entry Description

I have great concern was my father, in case something bad happens and I do not I can do nothing for him. My father has become a lonely man. I guess since their divorce he has never been the same again. He had a routine and now is altered, there are days when we do not agree at home, are many memories in it. Before all this happened, something that changes his life, and my father suffers from a degenerative disease and I have fear that worse. Among these aspects I want to show my hand, my gaze towards him. He is very closed and uncommunicative. I wanted to do this book because I felt the feeling of parting with it, to lose contact, that had a lot to say and I was afraid to do so, and Instead of being able to register and spend a part of me.

About Photographer

Recently started in the world of photography, because of having a tragical accident that changed my life. Now I'm at the University of Idep in Barcelona, and last year I was a finalist in Discoveries Photoespaña Festival 2012, and this pushed me to continue in this fascinating world.