PhotographerAdam Hosmer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These images are part of an ongoing series where I remake pictures of things I've only seen online using cardboard, then photograph the results in black and white. I'm trying to examine through the process of making an actual object, what can only be superficially experienced on the internet.


In searching the internet for various images, I started to become interested in the pseudo-experience of viewing things online as opposed to direct observation of physical objects. As a teacher, I observe how students accept the loss of actual things for the visual information immediately available on the web fairly easily, and began to wonder personally about the importance of actual objects, especially artwork. I began making cardboard sculptures of things I had only seen online in the hopes that the process of re-making an image over many months, would change the way I look at things both in the real world, and on my computer screen. The photographic process is important because it allows me to deliver the images I've made back online for others to see and think about.

About Photographer

Adam Hosmer received an MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Inter-media art program in 2012. He is a recipient of the Excellence award for the 2009 Canon New Cosmos of Photograhy, as well as the Special Juror's Prize in the 2007 MIO Photo award. He regularly exhibits in Japan, and currently lives in Tokyo.