standards and variations

PhotographerAdam Hosmer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo DateJune-December, 2011
Technical Infoinstant film, digital drawing
Entry Description

These images are part of a series of portraits of family and friends taken combining large format instant film, digital photographs, and digital drawing. The resulting collage is a personal examination into how historically artistic mediums have decayed along with the humans they depict, but as digital mediums change the lifespan of an image into unknown territory, how will the artist-model relationship change to meet the new paradigm?

About Photographer

Adam Hosmer received an MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Inter-media art program in 2012. He is a recipient of the Excellence award for the 2009 Canon New Cosmos of Photograhy, as well as the Special Juror's Prize in the 2007 MIO Photo award. He regularly exhibits in Japan, and currently lives in Tokyo.