The Magnificent Trees

PhotographerLim Swee Hoe
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Portraits of magnificent trees found in rain forest of Malaysia.


Everyday tress are cut down due to many reasons. We are destroying ancient forests at an unprecedented rate. This is even more serious now then ever. Loss of trees made global warming worse and causing impact to our ecosystem. This series of photographs intend to capture the portrait of these magnificent trees which live many tenth of years in my country, Malaysia, which is rich with rain forest. Capture their portraits before they long gone and hope to raise awareness of loosing these precious gifts from our mother nature.

About Photographer

Life is full of fun and colourful with photography. Swee Hoe entered the world of photography since young but never took it seriously until year 2011. His main focus is shooting landscape and Lotus flower. Recently, he has advanced into Black and White photography.