How are you going to explain the world to your child?

PhotographerMaren Schram
PrizeHonorable Mention

Our planet the earth arose form stardust. 3,8 billion years ago, the continents formed their faces, the first living beings began to grow through bacteria without a cell nucleus, which won their energy form Photosynthesis. They started to produce free oxygen, the basic to develop new living beings. The Evolution of live had begun. Many species of living beings began to grow and die out always in conformity of the earth. After died out Neanderthals, the modern human being had been develop 1,6 million years in the past. As the great glacial period started its retreat 11.700 years ago the Holocene began, the present in Earth’s history. This part in the history of mankind is the one, which is the most important for us. This is the time which is marked through the influences of the human being to the environment and its modifications in the global future. The earth had made a long, diverse and awesome development. We are all responsible for the earth and its living beings. We have to appreciate to protect and to handle our blue planet with care, to make a fairer, safer and a more environmentally friendly future to our children and grandchildren. We owe our life to the blue planet. How are you going to explain the world to your child? 2 billion people suffer from malnutrition. 72 million children have no access to education. 1 billion people have no health protection. 1 kilo cotton wool requires 23.000 litres water. A half million people die each year through handguns, that´s 1 per minute.