PhotographerDaniel T Gonzalez
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series of 5 photographs are created through a combination of studio photographs and cell phone photographs. They are printed by using vellum negatives printed on a BW laser printer. The images are printed with cyanotype chemicals embedded in gel medium painted onto heavy canvas. The prints are framed by floating frames made by materials found at any Home Depot.


My purpose is to shift the lens of the world to show the viewer what I see. Walter Benjamin talks about film, in the context of motion pictures, as an person acting as someone else for the benefit of the camera. Benjamin contends the actors aura is lost. Aura can be seen as the presence of the actor that the public connects to that transforms the actor into the person he is portraying. With it being lost, what the public watches in the is unfulfilled, with the aura lost the actor becomes hollow. I believe that with all bombardment of information within the daily life a person is subjected to, life itself has become a motion picture. Following Benjamin’s thought, a person in daily life then would be encountering many events perceived as hollow representations. An event can be seen as a person, place or thing. This of course is not a broad reaching statement. I suspect there are many times where a persons interest can push through the assault of information and connect with many events throughout the day. However, the ratio of how many events a person can connect to toward how many events they miss could be staggering. In this disproportionate ratio is where I found my purpose.

About Photographer

My purpose is to show people the importance of the events they miss on a daily basis. To force a connection they were too busy to initiate themselves. To show them a photograph is so much more then a memory, to bring their attention to the very functions of how our society is running could be oppressing a group of people while simultaneously encouraging another. In my case, I show people that masculinity is changing and that to push the human race beyond mediocracy we need to understand why it needs to change and encourage more change across the spectrum of societies mechanics. I believe that there is more to being a man, and more to the world that the human race can contribute. It is my goal to push that idea and I accomplish it by being an artist and devoting my practice to continue to research and materialize my ideas in a manner that can be absorbed so constructive discussion can be utilized.