PhotographerRonald Beverly
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

“Being”is a series that reinvestigates the notion of self. By utilizing conventional concepts of image capture paired with digital enhancements, I want to suggest new ways to express individualism and identity be it real or imagined.

About Photographer

for over 30 years. His educational studies has produced a BFA from Howard University and an MFA from George Washington University. He’s always had an appreciation for all the arts but has pursued a commitment to the craftsmanship and esthetics of photography. Inspired by the masters of large format photography, Ronald has developed a sensibility towards texture and detail by emphasizing tactile quality of the elements within his compositions. Embracing digital imagining has provided Mr. Beverly with new challenges and opportunities to further enhance his artistic vision while drawing influences from conventional wisdom in the genres of landscape, motion, portraiture and abstractions. Mr. Beverly pushes the limits of photography relying on its foundations, characteristics and principles that continues to give this medium a uniqueness all its own.