Light in a dark room

PhotographerSigny Ulstein Standal
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOslo, Norway
Photo DateMay 2013
Entry Description

A completely dark room, a person and a thin lightbeam with sunlight. This is a short story with long exposure.

About Photographer

Signy Ulstein Standal (1988) grew up in Skien, east of Norway. Her mother who loves to paint, showed her different types of art and took her to many exhibitions with her father. This is one of her biggest inspirations. Her photographic journey begun at age 16 when she got her first camera. Signy gets inspired by existentialism and she enjoys exploring the darker side of her subjects. You can often find her close friends and relatives in her work. She works mainly with color and sometimes combines photography with film and music.