Gypsyes girl

PhotographerPietro Di Giambattista
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This image is part of a long project on the gypsies life in Italy, is the symbol of many Roma children forced to grow up very quickly so do not live their childhood. Brenda brings to his sad and melancholy look all the drama of so many other children like her. They often or almost always, they are forced to leave school early, do not have time to play and spend most of their day in the streets begging for a few coins of euro. Brenda has 9 brothers, one with severe handikap, his father is also in prison and the situation of his family is therefore very uncomfortable. She is a very sensitive child and has a great dignity, but his eyes cannot betray all the pain of a hard life lived on the edge and with no prospects for the future.

About Photographer

Pietro Di Giambattista born in Pannarano (BN) in 1956 and he lives and works in Rome. After having studied technical studies he started a full-time classical guitar course and in 1991 he became a performer. He decided to give up the study of the guitar and dedicated himself to photography, devoting his attention mainly to landscapes and portraits. In 1992 he won the 1st prize in a national photography competition at Ercolano (Napoli). In 1997 he enrolled at a Photography Workshop in Toscana held by the famous English landscape photographer Eddie Ephraums. From that time onwards he started taking part into workshops that will determine his professional growth. He also had the chance to meet Paolo Pellegrin and Antonin Kratochvil. In the year 2000 he met Francesco Zizzola in Massa Marittima at the Toscana Fotofestival and at the Polaroid workshop he met Maurizio Galimberti. He attended a workshop with Michael Ackerman and later with Yury Kozyrev in Rome. He also enrolled in some courses at thePermanent School of Photography "Graffiti" in Rome, directed by Gianni Pinnizzotto and also attended the start-up to the profession of photojournalism with Rolando Fava . In 2002 he sent a selection of portraits that are part of his work "Nomads" at the World Press Photo where he won the third prize in the category of Portraits. In 2002 he won the 7th International photograph exhibition of Photography in Solighetto (Treviso) , an award that allowed him to publish his first book "Nomads". Pietro di Giambattista has exhibited in several Italian cities and in Barcelona.