Who picks our fruit?

PhotographerMette Lampcov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymalibu, United States
Photo DateJuly-August 2012
Technical InfoCanon 5D II
Entry Description

Ana is an indigenous minority from Mexico who crossed the border to the United States thirteen years ago to find a better life. She cannot read or write and Spanish is her second language. Ana makes minimum wage picking strawberries in the fields outside of Los Angeles but takes summers off to care for her son while he is out of school. These photographs show her daily life living in a trailer in a lemon field near Los Angeles, waiting for her husband to return from work, helping care for her sister-in law's children and getting ready to go to a Quinceanera with friends. She was recently evicted from the trailer (shown in these photographs) that she lived in for six years by the County for living in sub-standard conditions.

About Photographer

Mette is a freelance photojournalist who was born in Denmark and brought up in Spain, later she lived in London. She is currently based in the greater Los Angeles area. Her passion is sharing peoples stories that are connected to climate change, sociopolitical and cultural issues, too often ignored by mass media. She believes that we are all connected and share a common purpose, and photography is a way to allow this connection to reach beyond physical boundaries and look into people's lives with respect. She is currently working on a long term project about climate change in Californian.