Portrait of Jie Sun

CompanyGoran Turnšek Photography
PhotographerGoran Turnsek
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In this assignment I worked in the studio with artist Jie Sun and made ​​use of different types of studio light. I was looking for a light that would fit him the most.

About Photographer

Dancer and photographer, Goran Turnšek studied at De Theatershool of Amsterdam, graduating with Phillip Morris dance prize in 2000. After his dance career with Paul Selwyn Norton and Krisztina de Chatel he developed an interest in relationship between dance and photography which he explore in depth during further study at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam, graduating with the project 'Jakob' under de supervision of Nicole Segers and Ellen Sanders. Jakob is a photographic research about Goran's grandfather Jakob Emeršič who accidentally got killed during hunting. The project reveals memories on Jakob's body posture, walking and his work. Goran Turnšek's work include elements of dance and autonomous art. It often takes the form of ordinary movement in which he challenges established concept of function. In consequence, shift occurs at elementary level and results in a degree of estrangement. Photographs of these scenes become the definitive work. His work is layer, absurd and witty.