PhotographerRebecca Ragain
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRebecca Ragain Photographer
City/CountrySatellite Beach, United States
Photo DateFall of 2012
Technical Infoshot with 100mm Macro lens
Entry Description

Musical instruments shot up close with 100mm macro lens.

About Photographer

I was born on a small farm in the Ozark Hills of Missouri. My first adventure took me to Las Vegas where I raised my family. I began studying photography seriously when I moved to Florida in 2006. I am a photographer and composer of digital art. My desire to pursue artistic expression, combined with my love of photography has led me to explore digital photography. I am constantly amazed at the visual gifts that are given which are ours if we would just look and accept the beauty. When I am photographing, my best work comes from a place of visual awareness. It is a plane of awareness that leads me to see and feel differently to the point where the art of my photography is leading me, instead of the me trying to direct it. It is as if nothing else exist and all I have to do is follow the feeling of awareness. There is almost something spiritual and divine that opens up another world where this place is revealed. My portfolio of musical instruments is an example of my visual perspective of the instruments. The close ups are shot with a macro lens creating a feeling of movement because of the short depth of field. My vision for the photographs is that the viewer can feel an intimacy with the instrument by way focusing on the area where sound begins or ends and vibration is portrayed