Entry Title: "What remains"
Name: Katy Kroh , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Still Life, Non-Professional

Entry Description: I've long been fascinated by the inherent qualities of 'the photograph'. So convincingly can it represent 'what was there' that we can sometimes forget that it is a constructed reality. Maybe that is why taxidermy intrigues me. It allows a glimpse of something that has long ceased to exist in a way that seems very real. The specimens are beautiful and poignant; a human attempt to immortalise the appearance of something since passed. 'What remains' is a photographic typology looking to explore notions of death, illusion and the enduring human desire to represent, control and preserve the world around us.

About the Artist:

Katy Kroh (b.1980) studied photography at Blackpool and the Fylde College before relocating back to London where she works as a commercial photography assistant.