Brooklyn Bridge Park

PhotographerSandra Canning
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySandra Canning Photography
City/CountryCoconut Creek, United States
Photo DateNovember 2012
Entry Description

The ferries were going in and out of frame. I wanted to slow the shutter enough to get a few blurred in front of the high rises in the background. I reduced the surface tension of the water in post-production to create the surreal feeling of a traditional long exposure. It was a very overcast day so I added lots of contrast & burned in the clouds. 8.5 sec. f/5.6, 18mm, ISO 100, ND 110 filter.

About Photographer

This is the Serendipitous Journey of a Female Photographer Unveiling Beauty in all Her Disguises. Sometimes I find the pictures. Sometimes they find me. It is always about going beyond the veil to reveal the beauty that is hidden in plain sight. Photography came into my life in a moment of deep emotional and spiritual upheaval. It became my prayer & meditation. The spiritual healing I received from photography radically changed my world view. Making pictures transported me to another world. I would go into parking lots and see Euclidian Jazz, turtles became mountain ranges, seascapes became doorways to serenity, and buildings became liquid lines. My vision when creating an image is based on sharing our "Beautiful Whirled" as I see it: through the prism of optimism, lit by hope, inspired by awe, and ruled by beauty. My belief is that when we commune with beauty, we touch the Divine. Each image is designed to create an emotional response that will become a shared experience - a bond of love between us. My pictures celebrate the beauty in everyday things & everyday places. It is important to travel, but you don’t need to get on a plane to Paris to have an awe inspiring encounter that will touch your heart. I purposely photograph subjects by no one famous to prove this point. Long exposure is my preferred technique because it provides a photographic record of something that lies somewhere beyond “real life”. Photographing the fourth dimension (time) allows me to transport the observer to a world between worlds. My fine art photography focuses primarily on seascapes, landscapes, & architecture.