PhotographerFrancesco Rombaldi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Fetiches is a photographic project that aims, through the language of the diptych, to photograph important subjects in relation to their fetish. The fetish are that object which joins a very strong symbolic value, a story to tell.


First Photo: Moris Age 32 Writer THE BICYCLE SADDLE After a fierce fight with his first bike, trying to tame it, he decided to make himself a gift, a trophy of that conquest: the saddle that, from that day on, he fixes on every bike he rides. Second photo: Laura Age 26 Graphic Designer THE GRANDMOTHER’S HOPE CHEST: After years of keeping it closed in her house, she has finally opened the grandmother’s hope chest. She does not want to reveal what she found in there, but since then she always keeps the “cassone” near her bed. Third photo: Francesco Age 32 Art Director THE COMPASS: In times of great confussion, a dear friend gave him an antique compass, wishing him to find his way. Fourth photo: Fabio Age 28 Architect THE FIRST STAMPED PROJECT: The first architectural project that he has stamped as a licensed architect, after years and years of university. Having no ink, he used his girlfriend’s eyeliner. fifth photo: Larisa Age 26 Art Critic THE ROUND SPOON Since she was 2 years old, during the summer, her parents used to leave her at the grandparents’ mountain house, along with her brothers and cousins. Every day, they ritually ate “milk with mămăliga” for breakfast, “ciorba” for lunch, and “griş cu lapte” for dinner. And the big challenge between all these cousins and brothers was the only Round Spoon in the house. For 15 years, every summer, this Round Spoon was the most desired object of all these grandchildren. After the death of her grandparents, when she was 20 years old, she has revisited the house and found the Round Spoon, put it in her pocket and from that day on she takes it everywhere she goes.

About Photographer

Francesco Rombaldi was born on March 26, 1981 in Reggio Emilia. After graduating from Liceo Scientifico, he decided to choose advertising, so he firstly attended the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia, then Advertising Techniques in Perugia. In 2009, he started to be a freelance Art Director, continuing in that manner his career as an independent photographer and writer. He published some anthologies and collaborated with agencies and magazines, including Track Magazine, founded and directed by himself in 2011 in Perugia. At the same time, he started to teach creative writing. Improving independently his skills in photography – in which he finds a mean of creative expression – he also started to win photo competitions and to have collective and personal exhibitions (Perugia, Terni, Reggio Emilia, Genova). He currently lives and works in Rome.