Entry Title: "Architecture, details and geometry."
Name: Piel Adeline , France
Category and Expertise: Other_ARC, Non-Professional

Entry Description: As an architect I’ve develop a special look on architecture, buildings and cities. I’m obsessed by details in architecture, tracking defaults and defects, observing and looking for something special. It’s an inspiration for my photography work. With this series of photography I want to show architecture from another angle, showing mystery and complexity. I’ve zoomed in this building parts because I was interested by its geometry, perspective, rhythm, texture, lights & shadows. By creating this B&W graphical series, I want to make people loose notion of space and scale. I want to provoke interest, imagination and interpretation.

About the Artist:

Adeline PIEL is a multidisciplinary French designer. Graduate as an architect in 2007, she displayed very quickly an interest and curiosity towards different ways of expression and creation. Her education allows her to build a way of developing concepts and project that she applies in different creative disciplines (object design, fashion design, photography, ect). Today, thanks to her knowledge and experiences she has developed a work combining multi-cultural inspiration and technical know-how.