Entry Title: "Italian General"
Name: Maurizio Pighizzini , France
Category and Expertise: Political|Other_P|Portrait_P, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Ennio, an Italian General policemen. Ninety year-old. Tears in his eyes..eyes that have seen many things.

About the Artist:

Born in1980, Maurizio Pighizzini develops from the youngest age, the passion for the image. He studies all the processes of the photography, his passion, but also the illustration and the art. Having worked eight years in the middle of the television, in Italy, Maurizio will go in Paris in 2010. He becomes creative collaborator for TV and the advertising in France and he continues to develop his passion for the photography. The 2013 is the year of the exhibition "Pixel" in an art gallery in Paris. Now is a freelance in Paris and Milan and he never leaves the photo.