Tea plantation workers

PhotographerShabnam Sirur
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymumbai, India
Photo DateAugust 2012
Entry Description

These are a set of Environmental portraits done on a visit to the Nilgiris in South India. Connoor, where these were taken is essentially a small Tea garden town. Most of the people there are engaged in the business of tea. At the bottom of the food chain are the plantation workers, mostly women and tribals. Poverty, lack of literacy or is it ethnicity that for generation after generation, they remain tied to the gardens? They are ‘born in the gardens and die in the gardens’ is what one of them said to me blissfully.

About Photographer

I'm a graphic designer, creative director in advertising by profession. For over 2 decades I have been on the other side, buying works from/art directing shoots with leading commercial/fashion/ editorial photographers in India. I have studied the basics of photography in art school including darkroom processing of negatives and bromides. Over the years, I have developed a passion for shooting myself and hope to either publish/ exhibit my works in the years to come. Some of my prints are now a part of a permanent collection of a popular time share resort in India.