After you left

PhotographerKathrin Simon
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a sneak preview of work in progress for an exhibition in 2014. Successful Zoos are public crowded places. After hours, everything changes. It becomes a place with a different energy and vibrancy. Human voices and noise disappears. A concert of animal voices interwoven with the sound of the wind in the large trees lingers in the air. The atmosphere is liberating and captivating. Since September 2012, I am trying to visually capture this intriguing after-hours-energy with my camera. Lots of stories have since unfold and this series depicts the tranquility and serenity of Auckland Zoo during full-moon nights.

About Photographer

Kathrin is a photographer with a focus on portraiture, the performing arts and documentary work. She has captured major music and art collaborations and the creation of art by various New Zealand artists. Kathrin works on several self-initiated projects inspired by New Zealand’s cultural diversity and art world. Kathrin has exhibited her work in several solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand and abroad and was mentored by master photographer Marti Friedlander.