PhotographerTom Vani
Entry Description

Secrets Most everyone has a secret. They can be big or small. They can be held by governments or individuals. When discovered they can become a tsunami or barely cause a ripple. The secret could be a feeling others would find unacceptable. It could be an act that was illegal, or wrong, or showed questionable judgment. Or it could be a moment when something should have been done but wasn't.This series is a meditation on secrets. It is about things others don't want you to see when you look at them. And perhaps what you see but cannot say out loud when looking at yourself.

About Photographer

Tom is a self-taught photographer engaged full time in creating images. His areas of interest and concentration include portraiture, candid street photography, the built environment, and abstract compositions. Several of his photos have received awards in juried competitions and his work has appeared in several group shows.